Source code for docarray.array.chunk

from typing import (

from docarray.array.memory import DocumentArrayInMemory

    from docarray.document import Document

[docs]class ChunkArray(DocumentArrayInMemory): """ :class:`ChunkArray` inherits from :class:`DocumentArray`. It's a subset of Documents. :param docs: Set of sub-documents (i.e chunks) of `reference_doc` :param reference_doc: Reference :class:`Document` for the sub-documents """ def __init__(self, docs, reference_doc: 'Document'): """ Set constructor method. :param doc_views: protobuf representation of the chunks :param reference_doc: parent document """ self._ref_doc = reference_doc super().__init__(docs) if isinstance(docs, Iterable) and self._ref_doc is not None: for d in docs: d.parent_id = d.granularity = self._ref_doc.granularity + 1
[docs] def append(self, document: 'Document'): """Add a sub-document (i.e chunk) to the current Document. :param document: Sub-document to be appended .. note:: Comparing to :attr:`DocumentArray.append()`, this method adds more safeguard to make sure the added chunk is legit. """ document.parent_id = document.granularity = self._ref_doc.granularity + 1 super().append(document)
@property def reference_doc(self) -> 'Document': """ Get the document that :class:`ChunkArray` belongs to. :return: reference doc """ return self._ref_doc @property def granularity(self) -> int: """ Get granularity of all document in this array. :return: granularity """ return self._ref_doc.granularity + 1 @property def adjacency(self) -> int: """ Get adjacency of all document in this array. :return: adjacency """ return self._ref_doc.adjacency