Source code for docarray.array.mixins.dataloader.helper

from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Optional, Union

from docarray.array.mixins import ParallelMixin, GroupMixin
from docarray.helper import protocol_and_compress_from_file_path

    from docarray import Document, DocumentArray

[docs]class DocumentArrayLoader(ParallelMixin, GroupMixin): def __init__( self, path: Union[str, Path], protocol: str = 'protobuf', compress: Optional[str] = None, show_progress: bool = False, ): self._show_progress = show_progress self._filename = path self._protocol, self._compress = protocol_and_compress_from_file_path( path, protocol, compress ) with open(path, 'rb') as f: version_numdocs_lendoc0 = # 8 bytes (uint64) self._len = int.from_bytes( version_numdocs_lendoc0[1:9], 'big', signed=False ) self._iter = iter(self) def __iter__(self): from docarray import Document from import get_progressbar from rich import filesize with open(self._filename, 'rb') as f: pbar, t = get_progressbar( 'Deserializing', disable=not self._show_progress, total=self._len ) with pbar: _total_size = 0 pbar.start_task(t) for _ in range(self._len): # 4 bytes (uint32) len_current_doc_in_bytes = int.from_bytes(, 'big', signed=False ) _total_size += len_current_doc_in_bytes yield Document.from_bytes(, protocol=self._protocol, compress=self._compress, ) pbar.update( t, advance=1, total_size=str(filesize.decimal(_total_size)) ) def __len__(self): return self._len def __getitem__(self, item: list) -> 'DocumentArray': from docarray import DocumentArray da = DocumentArray() for _ in item: da.append(next(self._iter)) return da