Source code for docarray.array.mixins.delitem

from typing import (

import numpy as np

from docarray.helper import typename

    from docarray.typing import (

[docs]class DelItemMixin: """Provide help function to enable advanced indexing in `__delitem__`""" def __delitem__(self, index: 'DocumentArrayIndexType'): self._update_subindices_del(index) if isinstance(index, (int, np.generic)) and not isinstance(index, bool): self._del_doc_by_offset(int(index)) elif isinstance(index, str): if index.startswith('@'): raise NotImplementedError( 'Delete elements along traversal paths is not implemented' ) else: self._del_doc(index) elif isinstance(index, slice): self._del_docs_by_slice(index) elif index is Ellipsis: self._del_all_docs() elif isinstance(index, Sequence): if ( isinstance(index, tuple) and len(index) == 2 and ( isinstance(index[0], (slice, Sequence, str, int)) or index[0] is Ellipsis ) and isinstance(index[1], (str, Sequence)) ): # TODO: add support for cases such as da[1, ['text', 'id']]? if isinstance(index[0], (str, int)) and isinstance(index[1], str): # ambiguity only comes from the second string if index[1] in self: del self[index[0]] del self[index[1]] else: self._set_doc_attr_by_id(index[0], index[1], None) elif isinstance(index[0], (slice, Sequence)): _attrs = index[1] if isinstance(_attrs, str): _attrs = (index[1],) for _d in self[index[0]]: for _aa in _attrs: self._set_doc_attr_by_id(, _aa, None) _d.pop(_aa) elif isinstance(index[0], bool): self._del_docs_by_mask(index) elif isinstance(index[0], int): for t in sorted(index, reverse=True): del self[t] elif isinstance(index[0], str): for t in index: del self[t] elif isinstance(index, np.ndarray): index = index.squeeze() if index.ndim == 1: del self[index.tolist()] else: raise IndexError( f'When using np.ndarray as index, its `ndim` must =1. However, receiving ndim={index.ndim}' ) else: raise IndexError(f'Unsupported index type {typename(index)}: {index}')