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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Type

    from pandas import DataFrame
    from docarray.typing import T

[docs]class DataframeIOMixin: """Save/load from :class:`pandas.dataframe` .. note:: These functions require you to install `pandas` """
[docs] def to_dataframe(self, **kwargs) -> 'DataFrame': """Export itself to a :class:`pandas.DataFrame` object. :param kwargs: the extra kwargs will be passed to :meth:`pandas.DataFrame.from_dict`. :return: a :class:`pandas.DataFrame` object """ from pandas import DataFrame return DataFrame.from_dict(self.to_list(), **kwargs)
[docs] @classmethod def from_dataframe(cls: Type['T'], df: 'DataFrame', *args, **kwargs) -> 'T': """Import a :class:`DocumentArray` from a :class:`pandas.DataFrame` object. :param df: a :class:`pandas.DataFrame` object. :return: a :class:`DocumentArray` object """ da = cls(**kwargs) from docarray import Document for m in df.to_dict(orient='records'): # drop nan da.append( Document( {k: v for k, v in m.items() if (not isinstance(v, float) or v == v)} ) ) return da