Source code for docarray.array.mixins.pydantic

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Type, List

    from docarray.document.pydantic_model import PydanticDocumentArray

    from docarray.typing import T
    from pydantic import BaseModel

[docs]class PydanticMixin:
[docs] @classmethod def get_json_schema(cls, indent: int = 2) -> str: """Return a JSON Schema of DocumentArray class.""" from pydantic import schema_json_of from docarray.document.pydantic_model import PydanticDocumentArray return schema_json_of( PydanticDocumentArray, title='DocumentArray Schema', indent=indent )
[docs] def to_pydantic_model(self) -> 'PydanticDocumentArray': """Convert a DocumentArray object into a Pydantic model.""" return [d.to_pydantic_model() for d in self]
[docs] @classmethod def from_pydantic_model(cls: Type['T'], model: List['BaseModel']) -> 'T': """Convert a list of PydanticDocument into DocumentArray :param model: the list of pydantic data model objects that represents a DocumentArray :return: a DocumentArray """ from docarray import Document return cls(Document.from_pydantic_model(m) for m in model)