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from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
import warnings
from collections import namedtuple
from dataclasses import is_dataclass, asdict
from typing import Dict, Optional, TYPE_CHECKING, Union, List, Tuple

    from docarray.typing import DocumentArraySourceType, ArrayType

TypeMap = namedtuple('TypeMap', ['type', 'converter'])

[docs]class BaseBackendMixin(ABC): TYPE_MAP: Dict[str, TypeMap] def _init_storage( self, _docs: Optional['DocumentArraySourceType'] = None, copy: bool = False, *args, **kwargs, ): self._load_offset2ids() def _init_subindices(self, *args, **kwargs): self._subindices = {} subindex_configs = kwargs.get('subindex_configs', None) if subindex_configs: config = asdict(self._config) if getattr(self, '_config', None) else dict() for name, config_subindex in subindex_configs.items(): config_subindex = ( dict() if config_subindex is None else config_subindex ) # allow None as input if is_dataclass(config_subindex): config_subindex = asdict(config_subindex) config_joined = {**config, **config_subindex} config_joined = self._ensure_unique_config( config, config_subindex, config_joined, name ) self._subindices[name] = self.__class__(config=config_joined) self._subindices[name].extend(self.traverse_flat(name[1:])) @abstractmethod def _ensure_unique_config( self, config_root: dict, config_subindex: dict, config_joined: dict, subindex_name: str, ) -> dict: """ Ensures that the subindex configuration is unique, despite it inheriting unpopulated fields from the root config. :param config_root: The configuration of the root index. :param config_subindex: The configuration that was explicitly provided by the user for the subindex. :param config_joined: The configuration that combines root and subindex configs. This is the configuration that will be used for subindex construction. :param subindex_name: Name (access path) of the subindex :return: config_joined that is unique compared to config_root """ ... def _get_storage_infos(self) -> Optional[Dict]: if hasattr(self, '_config') and is_dataclass(self._config): return {k: str(v) for k, v in asdict(self._config).items()} def _map_id(self, _id: str) -> str: return _id def _map_column(self, value, col_type) -> str: return self.TYPE_MAP[col_type].converter(value) def _map_embedding(self, embedding: 'ArrayType') -> 'ArrayType': from docarray.math.ndarray import to_numpy_array return to_numpy_array(embedding) def _map_type(self, col_type: str) -> str: return self.TYPE_MAP[col_type].type def _normalize_columns( self, columns: Optional[Union[List[Tuple[str, str]], Dict[str, str]]] ) -> Dict[str, str]: if columns is None: return {} if isinstance(columns, list): warnings.warn( 'Using "columns" as a List of Tuples will be deprecated soon. Please provide a Dictionary.' ) columns = {col_desc[0]: col_desc[1] for col_desc in columns} return columns