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from abc import abstractmethod
from typing import Iterator, Iterable, MutableSequence

from .... import Document

[docs]class BaseSequenceLikeMixin(MutableSequence[Document]): """Implement sequence-like methods"""
[docs] def insert(self, index: int, value: 'Document'): """Insert `doc` at `index`. :param index: Position of the insertion. :param value: The doc needs to be inserted. """ self._set_doc_by_id(, value) self._offset2ids.insert(index,
[docs] def append(self, value: 'Document'): """Append `doc` to the end of the array. :param value: The doc needs to be appended. """ self._set_doc_by_id(, value) self._offset2ids.append(
@abstractmethod def __eq__(self, other): ... def __len__(self): return len(self._offset2ids) def __iter__(self) -> Iterator['Document']: for _id in self._offset2ids: yield self._get_doc_by_id(_id) @abstractmethod def __contains__(self, other): ...
[docs] def clear(self): """Clear the data of :class:`DocumentArray`""" self._del_all_docs()
def __bool__(self): """To simulate ```l = []; if l: ...``` :return: returns true if the length of the array is larger than 0 """ return len(self) > 0
[docs] def extend(self, values: Iterable['Document']) -> None: for value in values: self.append(value)