Source code for docarray.document.mixins.strawberry

import dataclasses
from collections import defaultdict
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Type, List

    from docarray.typing import T
    from docarray.document.strawberry_type import StrawberryDocument

[docs]class StrawberryMixin: """Provide helper functions to convert to/from a Strawberry model"""
[docs] def to_strawberry_type(self) -> 'StrawberryDocument': """Convert a Document object into a Strawberry type.""" from docarray.document.strawberry_type import StrawberryDocument as SD from docarray.document.strawberry_type import _NameScoreItem, _NamedScore _p_dict = {} for f in self.non_empty_fields: v = getattr(self, f) if f in ('matches', 'chunks'): _p_dict[f] = v.to_strawberry_type() elif f in ('scores', 'evaluations'): _p_dict[f] = [ _NameScoreItem(name=k, score=_NamedScore(**v.to_dict())) for k, v in v.items() ] else: _p_dict[f] = v return SD(**_p_dict)
[docs] @classmethod def from_strawberry_type(cls: Type['T'], model) -> 'T': """Build a Document object from a Strawberry model :param model: the Strawberry data model object that represents a Document :return: a Document object """ from docarray import Document fields = {} _field_chunks, _field_matches = None, None if model.chunks: _field_chunks = [Document.from_strawberry_type(d) for d in model.chunks] if model.matches: _field_matches = [Document.from_strawberry_type(d) for d in model.matches] for field in dataclasses.fields(model): f_name = value = getattr(model, f_name) if value is None: continue if f_name == 'scores' or f_name == 'evaluations': from docarray.score import NamedScore from docarray.document.strawberry_type import _NameScoreItem value: List[_NameScoreItem] fields[f_name] = defaultdict(NamedScore) for v in value: fields[f_name][] = NamedScore(**dataclasses.asdict(v.score)) else: fields[f_name] = value d = Document(**fields) if _field_chunks: d.chunks = _field_chunks if _field_matches: d.matches = _field_matches return d