Source code for docarray.array.sqlite

from docarray.array.document import DocumentArray

from import StorageMixins, SqliteConfig

__all__ = ['SqliteConfig', 'DocumentArraySqlite']

[docs]class DocumentArraySqlite(StorageMixins, DocumentArray): """ DocumentArray that stores Documents in a `SQLite database <>`_. This stores Documents on disk instead of keeping them in memory, and offers the simplest way of persisting data with DocArray. With this implementation, :meth:`match` and :meth:`find` perform exact (exhaustive) vector search. Example usage: .. code-block:: python from docarray import DocumentArray # with default config da = DocumentArray(storage='sqlite') # with customized config da1 = DocumentArray(storage='sqlite', config={'connection': 'example.db'}) # connect to a previously created database da = DocumentArray( storage='sqlite', config={'connection': 'example.db', 'table_name': 'mine'} ) .. seealso:: For further details, see our :ref:`user guide <sqlite>`. """ def __new__(cls, *args, **kwargs): return super().__new__(cls)