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from dataclasses import dataclass, asdict, field
from typing import (

import numpy as np

from ..base.backend import BaseBackendMixin
from ....helper import dataclass_from_dict, filter_dict

    from ....typing import DocumentArraySourceType, ArrayType

[docs]@dataclass class AnnliteConfig: n_dim: int metric: str = 'cosine' serialize_config: Dict = field(default_factory=dict) data_path: Optional[str] = None ef_construction: Optional[int] = None ef_search: Optional[int] = None max_connection: Optional[int] = None columns: Optional[List[Tuple[str, str]]] = None
[docs]class BackendMixin(BaseBackendMixin): """Provide necessary functions to enable this storage backend.""" TYPE_MAP = {'str': 'TEXT', 'float': 'float', 'int': 'integer'} def _map_embedding(self, embedding: 'ArrayType') -> 'ArrayType': if embedding is None: embedding = np.zeros(self.n_dim, dtype=np.float32) elif isinstance(embedding, list): from ....math.ndarray import to_numpy_array embedding = to_numpy_array(embedding) if embedding.ndim > 1: embedding = np.asarray(embedding).squeeze() return embedding def _init_storage( self, _docs: Optional['DocumentArraySourceType'] = None, config: Optional[Union[AnnliteConfig, Dict]] = None, **kwargs, ): if not config: raise ValueError('Config object must be specified') elif isinstance(config, dict): config = dataclass_from_dict(AnnliteConfig, config) self._persist = bool(config.data_path) if not self._persist: from tempfile import TemporaryDirectory config.data_path = TemporaryDirectory().name self._config = config if self._config.columns is None: self._config.columns = [] for i in range(len(self._config.columns)): self._config.columns[i] = ( self._config.columns[i][0], self._map_type(self._config.columns[i][1]), ) config = asdict(config) self.n_dim = config.pop('n_dim') from annlite import AnnLite self._annlite = AnnLite(self.n_dim, lock=False, **filter_dict(config)) from .... import Document super()._init_storage() if _docs is None: return self.clear() if isinstance(_docs, Iterable): self.extend(_docs) elif isinstance(_docs, Document): self.append(_docs) def __getstate__(self): state = dict(self.__dict__) del state['_annlite'] del state['_offsetmapping'] return state def __setstate__(self, state): self.__dict__ = state config = state['_config'] config = asdict(config) n_dim = config.pop('n_dim') from annlite import AnnLite self._annlite = AnnLite(n_dim, lock=False, **filter_dict(config)) def __len__(self): return self._annlite.index_size