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import itertools
from typing import (

from import BaseGetSetDelMixin
from import needs_id2offset_rebuild
from docarray import Document

[docs]class GetSetDelMixin(BaseGetSetDelMixin): """Implement required and derived functions that power `getitem`, `setitem`, `delitem`""" @needs_id2offset_rebuild def _del_docs_by_mask(self, mask: Sequence[bool]): if len(mask) < len(self._data): mask = mask + [False for _ in range(len(self._data) - len(mask))] self._data = list(itertools.compress(self._data, (not _i for _i in mask))) @needs_id2offset_rebuild def _del_docs_by_slice(self, _slice: slice): del self._data[_slice] def _del_doc_by_id(self, _id: str): self._del_doc_by_offset(self._id2offset[_id]) @needs_id2offset_rebuild def _del_doc_by_offset(self, offset: int): del self._data[offset] def _set_doc_by_offset(self, offset: int, value: 'Document'): old_id = self._data[offset].id self._id2offset[] = offset self._data[offset] = value self._id2offset.pop(old_id) def _set_doc_by_id(self, _id: str, value: 'Document'): old_idx = self._id2offset.pop(_id) self._data[old_idx] = value self._id2offset[] = old_idx @needs_id2offset_rebuild def _set_docs_by_slice(self, _slice: slice, value: Sequence['Document']): self._data[_slice] = value def _set_doc_attr_by_offset(self, offset: int, attr: str, value: Any): if attr == 'id' and value is None: raise ValueError( 'setting the ID of a Document stored in a DocumentArray to None is not allowed' ) setattr(self._data[offset], attr, value) def _get_doc_by_offset(self, offset: int) -> 'Document': return self._data[offset] def _get_doc_by_id(self, _id: str) -> 'Document': return self._data[self._id2offset[_id]] def _get_docs_by_slice(self, _slice: slice) -> Iterable['Document']: return self._data[_slice] def _clear_storage(self): self._data.clear() self._id2offset.clear() def _load_offset2ids(self): ... def _save_offset2ids(self): ... _set_doc = _set_doc_by_id _del_doc = _del_doc_by_id _del_all_docs = _clear_storage