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from typing import Union, Optional, Iterable

from import BaseSequenceLikeMixin
from docarray import Document

[docs]class SequenceLikeMixin(BaseSequenceLikeMixin): """Implement sequence-like methods""" def _insert_doc_at_idx(self, doc, idx: Optional[int] = None): if idx is None: idx = len(self) self._sql( f'INSERT INTO {self._table_name} (doc_id, serialized_value, item_order) VALUES (?, ?, ?)', (, doc, idx), ) self._offset2ids.insert(idx, def _shift_index_right_backward(self, start: int): idx = len(self) - 1 while idx >= start: self._sql( f'UPDATE {self._table_name} SET item_order = ? WHERE item_order = ?', (idx + 1, idx), ) idx -= 1
[docs] def insert(self, index: int, value: 'Document'): """Insert `doc` at `index`. :param index: Position of the insertion. :param value: The doc needs to be inserted. """ length = len(self) if index < 0: index = length + index index = max(0, min(length, index)) self._shift_index_right_backward(index) self._insert_doc_at_idx(doc=value, idx=index) self._commit()
def _append(self, doc: 'Document', commit: bool = True, **kwargs) -> None: self._sql( f'INSERT INTO {self._table_name} (doc_id, serialized_value, item_order) VALUES (?, ?, ?)', (, doc, len(self)), ) self._offset2ids.append( if commit: self._commit() def __del__(self) -> None: super().__del__() if not self._persist: self._sql( 'DELETE FROM metadata WHERE table_name=? AND container_type=?', (self._table_name, self.__class__.__name__), ) self._sql(f'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS {self._table_name}') self._commit() def __contains__(self, item: Union[str, 'Document']): if isinstance(item, str): r = self._sql(f'SELECT 1 FROM {self._table_name} WHERE doc_id=?', (item,)) return len(list(r)) > 0 elif isinstance(item, Document): return in self # fall back to str check else: return False def __len__(self) -> int: request = self._sql(f'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM {self._table_name}') return request.fetchone()[0] def __repr__(self): return f'<DocumentArray[SQLite] (length={len(self)}) at {id(self)}>' def __eq__(self, other): """In sqlite backend, data are considered as identical if configs point to the same database source""" return ( type(self) is type(other) and type(self._config) is type(other._config) and self._config == other._config ) def _extend(self, docs: Iterable['Document'], **kwargs) -> None: for doc in docs: self._append(doc, commit=False) self._commit()