Bases: object

Transmitting DocumentArray via Jina Cloud Service

push(name, show_progress=False, public=True)[source]#

Push this DocumentArray object to Jina Cloud which can be later retrieved via push()


  • Push with the same name will override the existing content.

  • Kinda like a public clipboard where everyone can override anyone’s content. So to make your content survive longer, you may want to use longer & more complicated name.

  • The lifetime of the content is not promised atm, could be a day, could be a week. Do not use it for persistence. Only use this full temporary transmission/storage/clipboard.

  • name (str) – a name that later can be used for retrieve this DocumentArray.

  • show_progress (bool) – if to show a progress bar on pulling

  • public (bool) – If True, the DocumentArray will be shared publicly. Otherwise, it will be private.

Return type


classmethod pull(name, show_progress=False, local_cache=False, *args, **kwargs)[source]#

Pulling a DocumentArray from Jina Cloud Service to local.

  • name (str) – the upload name set during push()

  • show_progress (bool) – if to show a progress bar on pulling

  • local_cache (bool) – store the downloaded DocumentArray to local folder

Return type



a DocumentArray object