3D Mesh#


This feature requires trimesh. You can install it via pip install "docarray[full]".

A 3D mesh is the structural build of a 3D model consisting of polygons. Most 3D meshes are created via professional software packages, such as commercial suites like Unity, or the free open source Blender 3D.

Point cloud#

Point cloud is a representation of a 3D mesh. It is made by repeated and uniformly sampling points within the 3D body. Comparing to the mesh representation, point cloud is a fixed size ndarray and hence easier for deep learning algorithms to handle. In DocArray, you can simply load a 3D mesh and convert it into a point cloud via:

from docarray import Document
doc = Document(uri='viking.glb').load_uri_to_point_cloud_tensor(1000)

(1000, 3)

The following pictures depict a 3D mesh and a point cloud with 1000 samples from that 3D mesh.